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Independent Counselling Training

Counselling training to meet the needs of a changing world.

Call 01234 215940 or 07795106498

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Introduction to counselling young people

Where Vocation meets Education


This course is held over 5 Sundays and will cover the BACP curriculum for counselling young people 

(part 1 11-18 years). 

It is suitable for those in their final year of training and qualified counsellors who would like to gain more knowledge and grow their confidence for working with adolescents.

The dates are:

7th and 21st February 2021

7th, 21st and 28th March 2021

(10am to 3.30pm)

If you wish to gain a certificate from ICT for the course there is a limited amount of assessed written and practical work attached to the course. However if you wish only for a certificate of attendance that is possible too.

The course will be held online enabling greater access to those outside the Bedfordshire area or who have other access issues.

The fee for the course is £350 (which can be paid in two instalments)

Mother-Daughter Attachment Training Course

June 4th & 5th 2021

Rosjke Hasseldine

Rosjke Hasseldine is a BACP accredited therapist who has worked with mothers and daughters for over 20 years, working online with mothers-daughter couples from different countries.

Rosjke has presented her work at professional conferences, the UN commission for the Status of Women, BBC Radio Nottingham and Canadian TV. She has published numerous articles on mother-daughter attachment, is the author of 'The Silent Female Scream and The Mother-Daughter Puzzle and founder of Mother-Daughter Coaching International, a training organization. You can read her articles and blogs and watch her YouTube videos on

The Mother-Daughter Attachment Training Course is a practitioner's course that addresses the desperate need for, and shortage of, qualified mother-daughter counsellors. The course enables an understanding of the dynamics between mothers and daughters of all ages, uncovers what causes attachment disruption or conflict, what facilitates stronger emotional attunement between mothers and daughters and working with mothers and daughters individually or as a couple, in person or online.

Course Objectives

1. Gain an understanding of the Mother-Daughter Attachment Model TM.

2. Learn how to identify what causes and heals mother-daughter attachment disruption or conflict.

3. Learn how to identify the necessary conditions for mother-daughter attachment.

4. Learn how to work with mothers and daughters of all ages, individually and as a couple.

5. Learn how to map your female clients’ Mother-Daughter History TM that reveals a client’s internal working model, generational themes, and generational patterns of attachment.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Mother-Daughter Attachment Disruption – learn why it happens.

Lesson 2 – Mother-Daughter History Mapping exercise – learn how to map your clients’ Mother-Daughter History, uncovering their internal working model and generational patterns of attachment.

Lesson 3 – Facilitating Emotional Attunement – learn how to heal mother-daughter conflict and lack of emotional attunement.

Lesson 4 – Decoding Women’s Attachment Behaviours – learn how to uncover attachment patterns and behaviours between mothers and daughters.

Course Fee: £275.00 which includes:

  1. Tuition by Rosjke Hasseldine, an expert on mother-daughter attachment
  2. Course pack that includes all course materials and relevant articles
  3. Your Mother-Daughter Attachment Journal
  4. A complimentary copy of Rosjke's book The Mother-Daughter Puzzle
  5. Upon successful completion, you are eligible to call yourself a 'Certified Mother-Daughter Coach' use the logo on promotional materials and website and have your details listed on the 'find a coach' referral page to attract new clients

Please email Lorna at [email protected] to express your interest in attending the course and she will contact you with further details and booking information

CPD Workshops on Trauma

This year sees ICT offering two workshops around the theme of trauma.

This has been postponed, please check back as we will announce the date here and on our Facebook page.

 Jess Van Der Hoech 

'Working with trauma and young people'

Jess works a lot with dissociation and the self states that children live with as the result of trauma and this is usually a very popular topic in her workshops.

The day will be broken into the impact of trauma first of all and dissociation after the lunch break, with time for questions at the end. A great deal of the day is based around case studies which is always received well by participants, bringing this work to life.

Lorna Marchant

'Working with adults traumatically bereaved in childhood'

(Date TBC due to Covid 19)

A great deal of Lorna's work and research has been around the often unspoken trauma of sudden death experienced as a child.  This experience sends ripples through life from childhood to adulthood and can impact families of those who have been bereaved in this way, both at the time and in the future. 

The day will be spent looking at different grieving processes and the meaning people make from this experience, supported by research.

Looking at the experiences of those traumatically bereaved can help us to understand how this can inform our practice


These workshops will take place in Bedford which is easily accessible by car and train. 

The venue is Priory Church Community Hall Newnham Avenue Bedford. 

There is car parking available.

Call 01234 215940 or 07795106498 to book your place

Introduction to counselling young people

This course is held over 5 days beginning 

This is postponed due to Covid 19 please check back for new dates

It has been developed in line with the BACP curriculum for stage 1 Introduction to working with young people.

This course will enable you to gain both skills and understanding for working with those aged 11-18 years.

It covers beginnings and working with the relationship with young people; development in adolescence (including attachment theory); ethical, professional and legal issues and young people; understanding groups; working creatively with young people and endings and young people.

Throughout the course there will be experiential work, understanding how important it is to be self  aware when working with adolescents.

Course Fee: £500 (this can be paid in monthly instalments). If you are a student in your final year of training the fee is £400

Contact [email protected].org if you want more information

Booking your place

Contact us to book your place

[email protected]

or call

01234 215940/07795106498